Some of the services that I offer are web hosting, image hosting, url shortening devices, page rank checkers, proxies, and myspace templates. You can find the list of links to my websites below, along with a brief description.

Myspace Div Templates

Myspace Div Templates was one of the very first websites that I have created. It is a very basic layout and theme. Currently I have stopped working on this website because it just takes up too much of my time. I will continue work on it in the future but plans for it now are at a stand still.

Hosting Hot Domains

Hosting Hot Domains is a free hosting website that I have developed. You get a decent size of webspace and bandwith usage. Upgrade your account to Gold, Platinum or Titanium for more web space and options.


m3mi is a free url shortening website. The name is relativley short and easy to remember. It is a unique website because it is the only one of it's kind that has the option to password encrypt the link and place a keyword to go back to the link in the future.

Safe Searching Online

Safe Searching Online is a free web based proxy surfer. I created this free site with the intent of letting users browse the internet anonymously and safley. It currently does not work as I need to totally revamp the code and change servers because my current surver can not handle the proxy service.

URL Wolf

URL Wolf is a free page rank checker website that will give you your page ranking from acredited sources like google, yahoo, msn, alexa and the list just goes on. It also provides a thumbnail of the web page along with how much it is estimated to be worth.

Page Rank Marker

Page Rank Marker is yet another free page rank checker. The only difference between this web site and URL Wolf is that it does not have as many sources that it pools the page rank of the given website from.


Online-Locker is a free image hosting website. You simply upload the image that you want hosted. It also gives you the added feature of emamiling the image link to your friends and family so they can view the image. It is useful for whenever you can't attach large files to your email provider.

War 2.0

War 2.0 is a free facebook application game. You can build up an army and conqure your friends and family. Invite them to join your alliance or defeat them. Play today!

Image Bash

Image Bash is yet another free image hosting website that I have created. This one already has quite a few hits and this one is different from my first image hosting site because this one allows anybody and everybody to view the uploaded images if the uploader chooses to allow it.